Hello, I’m Andrew Hanna. Welcome!

I’ve been playing and writing songs for 17 years, but only now am I finally and proudly releasing my first solo album – Time Will Tell.  

I started playing music seriously in university, at different open mics and coffee houses, around Toronto in different pubs and bars, and throughout Ontario and Quebec with a pretty kick-ass band.  But in 2007, I hit the brakes almost completely on music.  I took some time to do some other stuff, like get married, go to grad school, get a full-time teaching job, and pursue voice over work.

But in all those years, the music never left me.  The songs kept coming and haunting me, and reminding me quietly that they would never give up.  And since they wouldn’t quit on me, I wouldn’t quit on them.  

This album, Time Will Tell, is a collection of 10 songs that I’ve written over the past 12 years.  Each one tells a story, representing different characters in my life, who have inspired songs about life, love, and loss.  At times the emotion behind a song is light and fluffy, and at times it’s cynical and melancholy, but overall the message behind this record is that no matter what challenges you are facing right now, ‘time will tell’ where things end up.  Usually the place you arrive is better than what you had anticipated it to be.

I don’t know if/when I’ll ever make a record again.  This is, truly, a once in a lifetime experience for me, and I cherish it for that reason.  Though I’ll never stop writing or performing, this record is truly that: a record of this moment in time, this occasion on which I finally realized a dream.  

I hope you follow the dream with me and have a listen…